First astronauts on the MOON



First footprint on the Moon



On day in July, Apollo 11 launched towards the Moon. It had three astronauts on it. They were Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins. A few days later, Apollo 11 began to orbit around the Moon. Then Armstrong and Aldrin took de Lunar Module (called ‘the Eagle’) to the Moon. 
So, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong put his left foot on the Moon. It was the first human footprint on the Moon. 
The spaceship Apollo 11 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on July 24, 1969. The three astronauts were 
safe at home.  


 A picture of the Earth taken from the Moon

Earth, Moon and Sun System movements

How do the Sun, the Earth and the Moon move?

The Earth and everything in our SOLAR SYSTEM is constantly moving.

Our SOLAR SYSTEM includes the SUN, nine PLANETS and their MOONS, COMETS and ASTEROIDS. These objects are sometimes called CELESTIAL BODIES.


  • At the centre of these SOLAR SYSTEM is the SUN. It takes the sun 25 days to spin or rotate completey around of this system. 
  • The Earth takes 24 hours to rotate ITSELF. That causes DAY and NIGHT.  
  • At the same time, the EARTH is moving around the SUN. That path around the Sun is called ORBIT. It takes the Earth one year (365 1/4 days) to completely orbit the Sun. 
  • In addition, meanwhile, the Moon orbits the Earth. The Moon’s orbit lasts 27-29  1/2 days.