Write a letter to a friend!!

How to write a friendly letter? Have you ever written in English a letter to a friend? Do you like writing?

Nowadays with all the technology around us we forget the importance of handwriting. You can communicate by writing a nice message to someone you care. It can be a friend, someone in your family or, even, YOURSELF.

Letters can be sent via traditional post or can be given personally right to the person you write the letter to. To me, handwriting letters are like a piece of Art. However, you can also use your personal computer or laptop. Of course, this is also a great idea. The essential thing is to COMMUNICATE with OTHERS or, (why not?), to your future ‘YOURSELF’.

In this image you can see the different parts of a FRIENDLY LETTER: Date, Greeting, Body or Message, Closing and Signature.
Some ideas before starting to write your letter.
In this video you can see the different parts of a friendly letter.

So, summing up, the different PARTS OF A FRIENDLY LETTER are the following:

  • DATE: When did you write the letter?
  • GREETING: Say hello to the person you are writing to!
  • BODY: What do you want to say? What is the message that you want to communicate? Why are you writing this letter?
  • CLOSING: Say good-bye and wish well to the person you are writing to.
  • SIGNATURE: Write your name and signature!!

Our 6th GRADERS are writing letters this week, do you want to download a letter template? This is the SPECIAL TASK for them this week.

Furthermore, when writing letters or texts, you can develop your CREATIVITY. Why don’t you decorate your letter with some of these ideas? Let’s have a look at them!

And, after doing some writing, don’t forget to HAVE FUN.

Let’s sing together this song. It’s one of my favourites.

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE by THE POLICE, do you know this band?? I love them!

At the end of the song, how many times they repeat the sentence ‘SENDING OUT AN SOS’?? Let’s count!