Week 1st July

Hello again!!!! Let´s get started with your videos and pictures.

Now, I want to show you something.

You can do your superheroes talk. How? You can download the app chatter pix in your laptop, tablet or mobile.


I wait for your Superheroes .

Next thing, it´s about plastic pollution. How kids can protect the environment?

Watch this video. Send me your ideas, please.

You need Grammar to write and talk properly. Let´s watch a Past Simple Tense video.

What do you know about travels, countries, and so on?


Do you like cooking? I show you this recipe. But I wait for your recipes or videos.

Song Corner

Are you happy????? Clap along!!!!!!!!


Nobody´s perfect!!

Asking for a direction

Finally, a bit of History. Watch a video about «Seven wonders of the Ancient World»

I wait for your ideas, videos, songs, online games and so on.