week 11th May

Watch this awesome video.

I wait for more videos.



1.Listen and draw.

2.Write the words.

3. Write the questions.


  1. Listen and number

Watch Sarah

En la siguiente actividad «My project» en vez de my friend que lo hagan sobre «my mum/ my dad/ my brother. Hay que escribir 2 alimentos que le gusta y un alimento que no le gusta a esa persona de tu familia. Si no tienen suficiente espacio en el libro para dibujar que lo hagan en la libreta.


Mini Book pages 12-13

2. Circle the foods you like green. Circle the foods you don´t like red.

Watch the video. Complete. Peter likes____________________ Peter doesn´t like______________________ Patricia likes__________________________ Patricia doesn´t like____________________

Pueden poner subtítulos en inglés mediante la configuración del vídeo Este símbolo

Watch this video. «Birthdays around the world». Complete the sentences.

In Argentina the family and friends pull the ear _____ ______.

In China family and friends eat ________.

In Denmark a ______ is decorated.

In England my mum bakes a cake with _____ in it.

In India I wear a colourful ______

In Korea my mother serves soup and ____ ____.

In Mexico I hit a _______.

In the United States I blow out the ______.

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