WEEK 27th April

First. Check AB page 51.1.


Jack. b tick; c cross; d tick; e cross. 2: wool jumper; 3: play football; 4: have to; 5:wear.

Lisa. a cross; b tick; c cross; d tick; e tick.

1: don´t have to; 2: have to; 3:park; 4: rubber boots; 5:cotton t-shirt.


Watch the video. After, draw and colour a man wearing a kilt.

Watch the video.

Then , order the parts of a kimono. Datejime; camisole; juban and furisode.

Classbook page 52. Read and listen.


1 Activity Book page 52.1

2.Write a description of what you are wearing today and what your mum/dad/brother is wearing.

Example: I´m wearing a cotton t-shirt, plastic glasses.

My dad is wearing blue cotton shorts , grey slippers, etc

3. Classbook page 51. All about grammar.

4 Watch the video.

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