WEEK 4th May

Look at these 3 signs about Covid-19

Draw 2 more pictures and write the rules. Mum and dad can help you


Class book page 53. Watch.

Listen, point and repeat.

Watch the story. Primero sin mirar al libro.

Now, class book pages 54-55 . Watch the book and listen to the story.

Tick. What food does Old Man put in the soup?

Circle and say.


Class book 56. Let´s sing.

Listen and tick or cross.

Write and listen. Tick or cross.

Watch the video.

What has Tony got in his suitcase?

Write the four things

Draw a picture of Gogo. Please send me your pictures of covid-19 rules, Gogo or any picture you like it. Examples: play at home with your brother/sister/dad/mum

Or you walk your dog

My mail is vicentezurita@elfabraquer.es

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